Monday, August 31, 2015

A lovely weekend

We had a fun weekend.
Saturday started of with wonderful weather so I went out into the garden to have a look at our new heather plants sparkling in the morning dew.

The rest of Saturday was action packed with a bicycle trip to Leuven where we had lunch at Convento.

They have the most wonderful salads and dishes there and you can mix and match what ever you like.
After lunch I wandered through the city center while Tania and Lieve went shopping and I found out there was a pole vault competition going on in the Old Market place.

After collecting the ladies again, we went off with our bicycles along the canal to Mechelen (Malines) and back again along the Dijle river.

All in all we cycled about 70 km in the warm afternoon sun and with a full moon to guide us back home at night. Wonderful!

Sunday we rested up and enjoyed the heat waiting for the thunderstorm which never came.
Looking forward to the next weekend...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last days of the summer vacation

This is the last day of our stay-at-home summer vacation. We enjoyed our new bicycles and made many trips along the Demer and Dijle rivers.

Last weekend the weather turned bad but afterwards the garden looked verdant and green again.

(click here to see the pictures at full size)

The plants clearly needed some rain.

When the sky cleared, we went back to enjoying the peace and quiet in the back yard.

Monday, back to work ...

Friday, August 21, 2015

La Cantina

Yesterday we took our new bikes to Leuven to get them engraved. Fast and good service by Velo at the Leuven train station--and it's free, so why not.

Of course we also did some shopping. Or rather, Tania did some shopping while I goofed around with the camera.

In the evening we went to eat at the excellent Latin American restaurant, La Cantina Del Coronel. I had some marvellous Calarmacitos as starter and Conejo Al Argentina as my main course. Delicious!

The ride home was terrific: no wind and magic light. Click the picture above to get some more pics.